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Paskenta Tribe ordered to pay attorneys’ fees of $1,049,559.16 to Cornerstone Community Bank

The Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians sued Cornerstone Community Bank, and its CEO Jeffrey Finck, among others, in connection with the alleged embezzlement of millions of dollars by executives of the Tribe. The Tribe sued the Cornerstone defendants for negligence, breach of contract, and aiding and abetting the alleged embezzlements, even though the alleged embezzlers were authorized signers on the Tribe’s bank accounts at Cornerstone.

After the Court granted summary judgment in January dismissing all claims against Cornerstone, Cornerstone filed a motion to recover its attorneys’ fees...


After the Fire; Construction Lending and Rebuilding Seminar

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Attorney Blog

Fake Under Submission

By: Casey Edmondson

“Fake” is a popular word these days—I probably don’t need to tell you why. Part of our education, from our parents and teachers and peers, is learning how to avoid being taken by a fake. Spotting fakes is the survival skill that the gatherer uses to miss the poisonous berry, the merchant uses to buy the genuine article, and that the spy uses to flush out a double-agent.

What does any of this have to do with the law? Consider the United States Supreme Court.