Friedemann Goldberg LLP has extensive experience working as primary outside counsel for banks and financial institutions. In a financial world where circumstances can change by the hour, we strive to be responsive and accessible as we advise on all facets of banking operations and lending with the highest level of attention to detail.

We pride ourselves on having the flexibility to cater to our banking and financial clients’ needs. Our attorneys counsel on all aspects of loans, including production of custom loan documents, defaults, troubled assets, bankruptcy, workouts and participation financing. We routinely advise on matters of financing, transactions, foreclosures, contracts and lending, as well as other corporate matters for banks such as leases, employment and vendor relationships.

Our banking litigation team handles all aspects of litigation for banking clients across the state of California. We have won multi-million dollar cases for our clients and our team is especially experienced in matters involving fraud.


Areas of Focus


As counsel for clients in the banking industry, lending is one of the primary areas of our focus. We have extensive experience with matters involving financing, defaults, foreclosures, intercreditor debt, fraud, loan agreements, risk management, promissory notes and all other forms of asset transactions. We consistently strive to leave no stone unturned when it comes to our clients’ financial matters. We advise boards and executive management on the legal aspects of operating at the forefront of the modern banking industry.


Our firm offers banks our insight and analysis on financial regulations in regard to securities, transactions and governance matters. We assist with reviewing and drafting policies; ensuring compliance with filings, disclosures and reports; and advise on compliance matters arising from mergers and acquisitions, ventures, agreements and leases. Overall, we seek to anticipate regulatory matters before they arise, prepare for any possible actions and quickly respond to any issues that might affect our clients or their operations.


We assist our clients with handling the legal aspects of the complex and ever-changing operations of the banking industry. New technologies and increased oversight in the banking industry has made responsive and proactive legal assistance invaluable to financial institutions. We advise on the day-to-day operations of institutions including documentation, contracts, employment, fraudulent transfers, syndications, forbearance agreements and other operational aspects of banking.