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Attorney Mia R. Bowler recently wrote an article about “Legal Tips for Women Starting Businesses” for the North Bay Business Journal. The article examined aspects that women face when starting a business, specifically relating to acquiring certification, building a strong business foundation, protecting assets, and identifying opportunities.


Friedemann Goldberg attorneys Kyle Fisher and John MacLeod recently delivered a Continuing Education of the Bar presentation on the differences between civil and probate litigation. The presentation focused on the important procedural and practical similarities and differences in civil and probate cases.

Friedemann Goldberg LLP is a certified legal education provider by the State Bar of California.


Preparing our children for the increasingly technological world in which we live is crucial to forming healthy and happy communities. Partnership between educational institutions and the business community will form strong bonds of cooperation and give our kids the best chance to be ahead of the curve academically when they go out into the world.

That is why Friedemann Goldberg LLP is proud to be a sponsor of ieSonoma 2016 and support its mission of innovation and education in the 21st century. At Friedemann Goldberg, we value the future of our family. That is why we continue to support our youth through educational programs, internships, athletic events, and contributions to the arts.

We hope ieSonoma will continue its contributions to the areas of innovation and education for many years to come.


Friedemann Goldberg LLP attorneys Kyle M. Fisher and David M. Meeker recently delivered a Continuing Education of the Bar presentation on nuisance and trespass laws titled "Don't Fence Me In." The presentation examined the spite fences and legislation, injunctive relief, easement and license matters, and settlement considerations.