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Do you need assistance navigating the tricky electronic discovery process in San Francisco? Friedemann Goldberg LLP offers eDiscovery litigation services as co-counsel with other law firms in order to help our clients find the best and most creative solution possible for their legal troubles.

Paperless processes have become far more popular in recent years when it comes to legal matters, due to the sudden and rapid advances in technology. The most secure way to track and protect all of the information stored in multiple places and formats online is undeniably the Legal Electronic Discovery process. This is partially because of the statutory inclusion of electronically stored information (ESI) in inspection demands. Our general Lawsuit Electronic Discovery services include drafting discovery requests and replies; all aspects of the meet-and-confer process; motion practice; protective orders; claw back agreements, ESI stipulations, and more.

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Our data processing services will include a preliminary analysis of the collected data; the identification of technical errors; the processing of data into eDiscovery software; the processing of TIFF images and native files; deNISTing/deduplication; the filtering of data through search terms; and the culling of data. We also offer data production services and data review services as well (which include creating data review sets to make for efficient reviewing and developing a coding structure with a team of experienced attorney reviewers).

We also offer a special litigation team just for these cases, as well as a Litigation Support Manager who has been certified as an eDiscovery Specialist by the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists (ACEDS).

Our attorneys have collectively received more than 25 national awards and recognitions for their past work. If you’ve been looking for the best Electronic Discovery attorneys in San Francisco, call Friedemann Goldberg LLP during business hours to schedule an appointment with us today!

Team Members

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John MacLeod is an associate attorney at Friedemann Goldberg LLP. His practice focuses primarily on litigation and e-Discovery matters. He has been with the firm since 2010.

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Michael Stuck is the Litigation Support Manager and Systems Administrator at Friedemann Goldberg LLP. He is a Certified E-Discovery Specialist through the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS). He has been with the firm since 2008.

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