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If you’re looking for a premiere litigation attorney in San Francisco, schedule an appointment with Friedemann Goldberg LLP today! Our experienced team of lawyers knows that sometimes the only resolution to a legal dispute is litigation, which is why we offer highly skilled attorneys to work with you for the entirety of the process.

Our team of lawyers is aware of the emotional toll that these lawsuits can inflict on the people involved, which is why we work as quickly and efficiently as possible to find the best solution for our clients. Our special team of trust and estate attorneys represent clients (executors, trustees and beneficiaries) in all aspects of mediations, arbitrations, and trials involving trust or estate disputes.

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Our Litigators, who have worked with individuals and corporations (including banks and insurers) have a deep and extensive understanding of banking, commercial, and entertainment law in order to best represent them and their concerns throughout the process of settlement conferences, mediation, and trial. They’ve also worked on cases involving construction law, fraud, contract, banking, real estate, business torts, U.C.C, creditor’s rights, loan foreclosure and collections, complex business rights, and unfair business practices.

Our attorneys have appeared in state and federal courts across California. We’ve collectively won over 25 national awards and recognitions for our successful past work. Our ability to pair the practical with the creative has resulted in satisfied clients throughout California. We have built a firm that puts emphasis on offering the expertise and service of a large firm with the personalization and efficiency of a smaller office. If you want the best Litigation attorney in the San Francisco area, give Friedemann Goldberg LLP a call today!

Team Members

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John Friedemann has more than 30 years experience representing businesses and commercial enterprises.

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Stephanie Hess has led numerous business litigation matters in all phases of state and federal courts.

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John MacLeod has handled business litigation matters such as breach of contract, fraud, and collection matters.

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Casey Edmondson is experienced in matters of business law, litigation, land use/real estate, and highly-regulated industries.

Recent Articles

"We recognize that, under the rule we adopt, a trustee must take into account the possibility that its confidential communications with an attorney about trust administration may someday be disclosed to a successor trustee. This is, however, not unfair in light of the nature of a trust and the trustee's duties." Moeller v. Superior Court, 16 Cal. 4th 1125 (1997).

So you have been sued . . . Now what?

Here are steps you can follow if (heaven forbid) you get sued.

Don’t freak out

It may be your first, but lawsuits are a relatively common experience. It is not the end of the world. Stay calm.