Friedemann Goldberg LLP’s Intellectual Property practice group represents clients in trademark, copyright and entertainment matters.

We are dedicated to maximizing the value and security of our clients’ intellectual property. We advise and represent clients in trademark, copyright, trade secret and litigation matters, and our attorneys work closely with our clients to meet their particular needs at all stages of development.

Friedemann Goldberg LLP’s attorneys offer a full range of services related to trademark, copyright and advertising law, including trademark selection, publication, and registration; licensing trademarks and copyrights; structuring and restructuring trademark ownership; and trademark and copyright support. We also advise our clients on advertising issues, including the proper use of trademarks and copyrighted content.

Our Intellectual Property practice group is headed by partner Ronald Wargo, and our attorneys have represented clients in the sports and entertainment industry, as well as in the business community. We are experienced in disputes arising from misappropriation of trade secrets, likenesses and other intellectual property issues.

Areas of Focus

Our attorneys handle all matters of trademark and copyright advisement, preparation and filing; as well as continued counsel in issues of infringement, due diligence, fair-use rights, termination rights, first-sale doctrine, and, if necessary, litigation.

Our firm’s intellectual property team works regularly on entertainment matters such as endorsements, exclusivity, misappropriation of likeness, cease-and-desist issues and collection of royalties.

We often handle matters involving trade secrets. Our experience includes injunction relief, temporary restraining orders, misappropriation of trade secrets, confidentiality agreements and matters requiring protection programs.

Team Members

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Ronald Wargo is highly experienced in intellectual property matters relating to likeness rights, copyrights, trademarks, cease-and-desist orders, and royalties.


Recent Articles

At every political rally, there are a host of vendors selling myriad t-shirts, buttons, and bumper stickers festooned with slogans and candidate names. This year, one of the two principal presidential candidates has monetized the business of politics. The other candidate has not.

In late 2015, Donald J. Trump registered the word mark TRUMP for “political action committee services, namely promoting public awareness of political issues,” and “fundraising in the field of politics” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

He subsequently assigned the trademark to DTTM Operations LLC, the personal LLC that owns the Trump branding for all of his other business ventures, such as Trump Tower and Trump brand cologne. . . .