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You can trust in Friedemann Goldberg LLP to provide you with the best Sports and Entertainment attorney San Francisco has to offer. The team of experienced attorneys in our Sports & Entertainment practice regularly handles entertainment licensing, complex agreements, copyright/trademark matters, and mergers and acquisitions of companies. When it comes to cases involving copyright and trademark issues, your Sports Lawyer will work quickly and efficiently to protect our clients’ right to their property and any unregistered uses. In addition to copyrights and trademarks, we also handle royalties, publicity matters, cease-and-desist issues, and misappropriations of likenesses.

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As for transaction and formation cases, we’ll assist you in handling entertainment-based financial transactions, (such as endorsements, merchandising and exclusivity, contracts, and licensing); matters regarding subsidiaries and trusts; partnerships, and corporations. As your Entertainment Lawyer, our firm can handle endorsement contracts; limited liability corporation formations; strategy advisement; clearance; publicity matters; fair-use issues; protection matters; and many other aspects of entertainment licensing.

We also provide advice for our clients – which include popular sports players, entertainment figures and production companies – on a wide variety of issues that can arise in the media and entertainment fields. These matters include merchandising, LLC formations, publicity issues, endorsements, and royalties.

Friedemann Goldberg prides itself on providing unrivaled representation and counsel to all of our clients by providing the personalized attention to detail of a smaller firm with the wider expertise of a larger firm. We’ve collectively received over 25 national awards and recognitions as a result of our attorneys’ acumen. We ensure that we have the best possible resources to develop our best client-centered solutions. Trust us to deliver innovative solutions with client-driven results. If you want the best Sports and Entertainment Attorney in San Francisco, give us a call today!

Team Members

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Ronald Wargo is highly experienced in matters of business, estate, intellectual property, and tax law as it relates to clients in the entertainment and sports industries.

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John Friedemann has represented clients in the film, music, and sports industries with matters relating to a myriad of issues.

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