Sports & Entertainment

Friedemann Goldberg LLP’s Sports and Entertainment practice handles complex agreements, copyright and trademark matters, entertainment licensing, and mergers and acquisitions of companies. We advise our clients, which include well-known sports and entertainment talent, as well as production companies, on a variety of entertainment and media issues.

We regularly handle matters of merchandising, publicity issues, LLC formations, endorsements and royalties. Our attorneys are supremely well-equipped to protect our clients’ likeness, endorsements, assets and rights.

Our attorneys recognize our clients’ desire for privacy and confidentiality. We make an extraordinary effort to ensure our clients are protected from undue and unwanted public exposure.

Our firm’s litigation team is well-prepared to take any legal action that is needed to protect our clients’ property and privacy. We pride ourselves on understanding out clients’ needs and wishes, and we examine all possibilities and dedicate all our resources to achieving their goals.


Areas of Focus

Trademark and Copyright

We understand the rights of our client to their property and work to protect it from unregistered use. We handle copyrights, trademarks, cease-and-desist issues, misappropriations on likeness, publicity matters and royalties for our clients with the urgency they desire.

Transaction & Formation

Our firm handles all matters of entity formation including partnerships, corporations, subsidiaries and trusts. We frequently advise on all matters of entertainment-based financial transactions including contracts, endorsements, licensing, merchandising and exclusivity.


Our attorneys are highly experienced in matters of endorsement contracts, limited liability corporation formations, publicity matters, clearance, strategy advisement, protection matters, fair-use issues and a variety of other aspects of entertainment licensing.

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