Tax Law

Friedemann Goldberg LLP’s Tax practice represents individuals income, estate, gift, and property tax concerns with an approach that blends creativity and common sense.

Our sophisticated team of attorneys assists clients in minimizing their tax liability through proper planning and an approach that seeks to help individuals and families keep a greater share of their assets. Whether dealing with large, highly complex transactional matters or more traditional on-going tax issues, our experienced and dedicated team of attorneys uses all the skills and resources to find practical solutions and generational rewards to taxation issues.

Our tax team works to maximize our clients’ tax efficiency while limiting the potential for lack of compliance with federal, state, county and local statutes. We strive to assist clients with every aspect of returns, audits, compliance, taxability determinations and most other tax law needs, while at the same time complying with increasingly complex regulations to assure that no unintended tax consequences are encountered in the near or unforeseeable future.

Led by partners Steven M. Goldberg and Ronald P. Wargo, the firm’s tax practice is comprised of established tax attorneys who are supremely well-versed in the codes, regulations and policies of the Internal Revenue Service, California Franchise Tax Board and other tax agencies. Whether dealing with federal, state, county or local tax issues, our team of attorneys places our clients and their families first, and we strive to make sure that our clients are in full compliance with the law and don’t pay any more in taxes than they should.


Areas of Focus

Income Tax

Our Tax Law team works with our clients to lower their income tax liability through exploring practical solutions to matters that can sometimes be quite complex. Regardless of how complex our clients’ tax matters may be, we are supremely qualified to handle all matters arising in regard to income tax issues.

Property Tax

We seek to ensure our clients’ compliance with all property tax matters that may arise. Whether it is a one-time property tax matter or ongoing, our attorneys are on the forefront of understanding the latest property tax codes and regulations. We help to establish determinations, address tax controversies and resolves issues that may arise.

Estate and Gift Tax

Our attorneys specialize in all matters of estate and gift tax issues and are highly experienced in all forms of inheritance tax, family business, succession and other tax issues. Our Tax Law team aims to achieve generational rewards for our clients and their estates, and help them and their families feel financially safe and secure for the future.

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