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If you’ve been searching for the best Trust and Estates Attorney in the San Francisco area, make an appointment with Friedemann Goldberg today! Our experienced attorneys, who always strive to find the best and most creative solutions for any problem, can assist you with property, income, estate, and gift-related tax issues, in addition to tax litigation matters. You can trust our lawyers to be well-versed in all of the intricacies of these cases while never losing track of the details.

The Living Trust Attorneys on our Estate Planning team have represented clients with more traditional needs and those with a higher net worth. We strongly believe in safeguarding our clients’ loved ones and their assets at every stage of trust administration, estate planning, and litigation. We have experience drafting wills, in addition to handling powers of attorney, healthcare directives, qualified personal residence trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, special needs trusts, spousal lifetime access trusts, and irrevocable life insurance trusts.

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In terms of trust and probate administration, your Trust Attorney can also help consult and advise trustees and executors, handle gift transfers, assist with the transition of ownership, and work with charitable organizations. Our knowledgeable team has also worked with offshore asset protection planning, family business succession planning, and estate tax deferral strategies. Through decreased tax liability and generational wealth transfers, we strive to ensure the maximum level of asset security.

The attorneys with Friedemann Goldberg LLP have collectively received over 25 national awards and recognitions as a result of our past hard work. You can trust that we’ll always place the needs of our clients and their families first while delivering the innovative solutions designed to best achieve our client-driven results. If you want the best Trust and Estates Attorney in San Francisco, give us a call today!

Team Members

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Steven Goldberg has more than 30 years experience representing businesses and commercial enterprises.

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Ronald Wargo is highly experienced in matters of estate planning, and business and entity formation.

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Stephanie Hess has led numerous trust litigation matters in all phases.

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John MacLeod has handled business litigation matters such as breach of contract, fraud, and collections, as well as probate litigation matters.

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Mia Bowler is experienced in matters of estate planning, trust administration, and estate and gift tax returns.

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Christopher Haws is experienced in simple and complex estate planning matters, trust administration, and estate and gift tax returns.

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Third party irrevocable spendthrift trusts are considered a means of asset protection for the beneficiaries; however, California already allows for many exceptions to the general rule that a creditor of a beneficiary cannot access the assets of such a trust.